• Jewelry Engraving

    We have professional jewelry engraving service for machine, hand and laser engravings. We engrave Rings, Medals, Metal Awards, Watches, Flat Pendants and Clasps, ID Bracelets and more...
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  • Gems & Jewels Enlightenment Collection

    Visit one of our stores today and meet out one of a kind custom designed creations.
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  • Pearl and Gemstone Beading

    We can restring and string your pearls or gemstone beaded jewelry.
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  • Antique, Vintage or New Jewelry Restoration

    Would you like to propose with an antique or vintage family ring? Would you like to pass a valuable memory to your child or grandchild with an old family heirloom? Would you like to make some changes to your new jewelry? Let us restore your jewelry and add more shine to your memorable moments.
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  • Custom Jewelry Design

    Let us design from scratch and create your dream jewelry! Tell us your vision: We create a 3D concept art of your jewelry based on your descriptions, get your approval on the concept and finalize it to make your dream jewelry come true.
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  • Beautiful Bridal Jewelry Selections

    We have a large selection of ready to wear bridal jewelry and fully customizable designs.
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  • Watch Maintenance and Restoration

    Watch maintenance goes beyond a watch battery replacement. A periodic and major watch overhaul is needed to keep your watch life long with correct hand movements.
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Jewelry Repair

Jewelry repair from ring sizing to stone resetting with a result of fantastic look.

Jewelry Restoration

Specialized on antique and vintage jewelry restoration.

Jewelry Design

Let us capture your moments in jewelry with unique custom designs.

Watch Repair

Watch repair from battery replacement to complete overhauls.

Latest News

TURQUOISE: The Historic Opaque Mineral

One of the three “Birthstone of December” is Turquoise. As water moves through porous rock, minerals are dissolved, such as copper, aluminium and iron. Over a long time, these minerals accumulate in pores and cracks to form deposits of the material we know as Turquoise. The colour of the stone

CITRINE The Light Maker

Along with topaz, citrine is a birthstone for November. Citrine is recognized as one of the most popular and frequently purchased yellow gemstones. Citrine—the transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange variety of quartz—is rare in nature. In the days before modern gemology, its tawny color caused it to be confused

TOPAZ The Fire

Topaz is a traditional birthstone for the month of November. Today most topaz offered in mall and department store jewelry stores at low to moderate prices has been treated in a laboratory. Colorless topaz can be heated, irradiated, and coated with thin layers of metallic oxides to alter its color.

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