Commonly asked Pearl questions


What is best? Silk or Nylon for pearls? 

Our personal preference is Nylon cord. The Nylon cord is a new material that is more durable than silk. Not only does it hold up better than silk and has the same appearance as silk. If your personal choice is for your pearls to be strung on silk, please make sure to request that specifically. Ultimately like with any jewelry piece, the choice is yours.

Why would the cord thin out? 

There a multiple reasons why the thread or cord would thin out. One reason is the grit inside the pearl. This grit is abrasive and causes wear. Other reasons why the cord wears out is body oils, dirt, perfumes, and lotions these chemicals and abrasives get trapped in the fibers of the strings and cause major damage to the cord.

Why Should my pearls be knotted? 

Pearls should be knotted to prevent them from rubbing against each other, if pearls are not knotted they will not last very long. Another reason why you want your pearls knotted is to prevent them from breaking and rolling everywhere!  Imagine yourself presenting a project and your strand decides to give, al your pearls would be rolling down to the floor and you could (will) loose a few pearls in the process.

My pearl strand broke in one place can you just fix that spot without restring? 

No. Sorry, there is no way to properly secure the necklace with a quick fix. The entire pearl strand will have to be re-strung.

Can you restring my costume jewelry? 

Absolutely! We work on all sorts of jewelry. Mikimoto pearls to craft beads. We will string any type of beaded jewelry.

Do you use french wire? 

Yes, We use french wire to finish pearl jobs that originally came in for repair with the french wire in place. We strive to match the original strand, however, You may request that we finish your stand with french wire if it did not have french wire when it came in.

Should I wait until my pearl strand breaks to get it re-strung? 

No. Please bring them in for restringing when you notice your peals moving between the knots, the cord is soiled and, or  fraying.

How should I store my pearls? 

The best way to store pearls is to lay them flat in the original packaging or a pearl folder. Try to avoid them rubbing too much or hanging as to avoid the cord from stretching.

Whats the difference between stringing beads and pearls?

The differences are a few.

Some beaded jewelry is considered craft jewelry so less expensive materials are used. For example, pearls will have a french wire finish, and have gold clasps while most other craft beads will not. Some less expensive beads will be strung on metal wire, rather than silk or nylon cord.

Gems and jewels values every single piece of jewelry, so we treat all jewelry with the same respect and will offer the same types of finishes for all beaded jewelry. We let our customers decide what services they want for their items.

I lost a pearl, what should I do. 

Don’t worry. There is literally over a million types of beads and every pearl is different, however

At Gems and Jewels we go above and beyond for our customers, we will match your bead or pearl with up to a 90% accuracy rate. We will also string it in a way that will make the replacement pearl or bead feel right at home with the originals.

How long does it take to get my pearls re-strung? 

Well, that will depend.  It is customary to allow any jeweler one to two weeks. In some cases it could be longer, like if there are repairs to be made, or pearls that need to be replaced and matched. If you have a special event to attend, please do not wait until the last minute. If there is a need for a rush order, please let an associate know and we can process your order with an express fee if desired.