Custom Designed Jewelry Services

Custom design starts with a consultation with one of our experienced jewelry associates and our Master Custom Jeweler. The process can take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how developed your ideas are. At this time we will listen to your ideas, discuss your options, draw a sketch of your design, discuss the stones and metal you would like to use and provide you with the cost and time estimate for manufacturing your piece.

Upon completion of your jewelry design,  

you will then be contacted to view the rendering. Once you view the rendering and approve the design, we will start production on the jewelry piece. During this step you may be called to approve the wax model or confirm the fit or size of the piece. After this time, your piece is casted, assembled and the gemstone are set. Your item is then polished to a brilliant shine and you are called in to pick up your  exclusive masterpiece. We only make your design for you. No one will ever have your design!


Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry offers you our expert jewelry design artists to create moments captured in jewelry, that are uniquely designed for only you. Custom designed jewelry can fall into 2 categories.

1. Tailoring jewelry or altering jewelry you already own.

This is an example of how you can customize Jewelry; Your favorite aunt gave you a pair of stunning diamond earrings that you love, however, they are post earrings made for pierced ears. How do we fix this? By customizing those earrings, removing the piercing post and installing clips and problem solved.  Our design team can handle any jewelry alteration.

2. Custom jewelry design from concept to reality 

There are different ways of creating Custom jewelry based simply on your vision or idea, and it all 

starts with an idea and a few questions. We create concept art for the jewelry piece based on your descriptions and ideas.

Depending on how complex the jewelry design is we use the hand forged technique or if it’s too complex we let our in-house jewelry designers handle the details with 3D.

Hand forged jewelry is a unique way of making jewelry. Hand forged jewelry leaves us with raw artistic craftsman piece of Jewelry. Perfect for that person that likes simple jewelry designs with natural flowing lines and shapes.

For more complex jewelry designs, our house jewelry designer will use the sketch to create a 3D image. once the design is created we print a wax sample and cast that wax in any metal you want gold, silver platinum etc. We then clean and polish the metal and get ready to set our diamonds or gemstones.

Celebrating a personal accomplishment?

Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry designs jewelry for everyone!

For example; a Custom designed engagement ring is perfect for the girl that wants something more personal and unique to her and only her. Mark your anniversary with a unique jewelry design that is as interesting as your relationship has been, you can’t walk into a jewelry store and buy that, you have to create it. You did it! 10 years of marriage? You passed that exam? You are strong and deserve it! Whatever the occasion is there is no better way to make it a unique and memorable experience than with jewelry that ONLY you own. Celebrate YOUR moment.

If you would like a ring, pendant, earrings, or anytime of jewelry custom designed and custom made for yourself or your significant other come see Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry  you will NOT be disappointed.

We offer Jewelry financing

For your convenience, Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry offers a store credit card for easy payments.  Apply today to take advantage of special financing options and exclusive privileges. Experience the special benefits that accompany card membership and discover the power and prestige of becoming an Gems & Jewels  Fine Jewelry cardholder.


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