Necklace and Chain Repair

Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry offers various types of  jewelry repair and jewelry customization services for gold and silver chains and necklaces

The top 5 gold chain repair services that Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry offers;

1. Adjusting the length of your gold or silver chain or necklace. (download our neck sizing chart for length reference).

2. Replace a broken necklace clasp. ( Lobster claps, Trigger clasp, S clasp, Spirng ring clasp or Box clasp).

3. Solder (re-attach the broken part)  a broken gold or silver chain back together.

4. We professionally polish your gold necklaces and pendants (We can remove dents and scratches from chains an necklaces too)

5. Removal of Chain knots and chain kinks


Common Necklace and Chain wear and tear

The number one is wear in a gold and silver chain is between the links. Often when fine gold or silver chains go without cleaning, dirt particles build up between the chain links and the  friction between the links when worn can cause the gold or silver to wear out/grind down. We suggest a detailed cleaning ever couple of months.




Looking for pearls Please click here to see our Pearl Strand Repair page.




Not sure what your desired necklace length is?

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