Pearl Repair and Up Keep

Pearls strands are a timeless jewelry, often given as graduation gifts, religious confirmation, baptism or are simply handed down from one generation to another. As Coco Chanel once said, “ A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls” so, purchasing pearls is never a bad decision.

What she didn’t mention was the necessary maintenance of those ropes. Pearls, no matter how expensive, or how they were originally strung, WILL need to be restrung again and again. The original material used to string pearls was silk. Now mostly nylon cord is used. Overtime like any fabric, the silk or nylon will wear down to a thread. The strand will become stretched and appear longer. It will thin out and fray around the knotting and eventually break.

What is the repair intake process like? 

At Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry the pearl re-stringing process is as follows;

  1. When you bring in your pearl strand or beaded strand, we will count the pearls or beads out in front of you and note them in your receipt.(You can also request that we measure the pearl strand.)
  2. We will also measure the current strand and note that in the receipt. The length will be shorter and vary after being re-strung, especially if there were no knots before or if the strand was really worn out.
  3. We will also address any damage, like a broken clasp or chipped pearl. We will recommend that the damage parts be replaced  or repaired before any restringing is done.
  4. We will also suggest that all pearls or beads be knotted. (occasional knotting is also available)
  5. We then take pictures of the item and any loose parts and print out a receipt for you to take. We will also email you a copy to your email on file if you request for your records.
  6. Once the repair is complete we will send you email notification of the completed repair and we will also notify you by telephone. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the repair to be completed. If there is a rush or time constraints  please let the repair concierge know that you’d like the express service for the repair.

We start by cutting the old stand out and measuring the pearls out, we wipe your pearls down to remove any lotions or oils. We then select the correct size string for your pearl after we have selected the correct size of string we start knotting. The knots are made tight, so tight that the pearls will have no room to move. We finish our pearl re-stringing jobs with french wire. At the end of the process your pearls strand can appear to be so tight that they appear to be almost wrinkled, don’t be alarmed, this is a great indicator that the stringing was done correctly. They will loosen up after a few wears. The tight re-knotting is what will cause your necklace seem shorter.


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