Ring Sizing


Set of stacked rings

Set of stacked rings

Ring sizing is a very common service that Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry provides. When a customer request a ring sizing we first measure the current size of the ring and we take the customers finger measurement. We then inspect the ring. During drop off, one of Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry expert Jewelry consultants will inspect your ring and address any issues concerning the piece. (a mini-verbal appraisal) Sometimes additional work may be required to be completed before a ring sizing can be done. An example of some work that would need to be completed before ring sizing is re-tipping of the prongs adding additional metal to secure stones on the ring, See pics here   rebuilding channel gemstone settings and diamond settings, replacing chipped diamonds and damaged diamonds and most importantly repairing any damage or cracks in the metal.  We will also recommend any other ring repairs needed. Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry will provide and email you a claim receipt that includes an image of your ring. Gems and Jewels is a Jewelers of America member, and a fully insured company.During the pick up process of your newly sized ring we will present you with your polished an cleaned ring. We will have you try it on to make sure that your ring fits properly.



Typically if a ring needs to be a larger size it will require a piece of metal to be fabricated and soldered (added) to make the ring larger. The ring is then filed in with gold or whatever metal your ring may be and shaped all by hand.  In addition to adding the piece of metal (gold, silver, platinum) the stones on your ring are tightened, included in the price of the ring sizing is ring polishing and Ring rhodium plating for white gold rings.

Melting Metal for forming. This is how we hand make the extra piece of gold that is added to your ring for sizing.

Shaping the metal. After melting the gold or silver for your ring sizing, we then pour it into this mold. The metal is now ready to start rolling flat to the exact MM needed.

This is how we flatten the metal that will be used for your ring sizing. It is a very detailed process. We do this for every sizing. We make the piece to match your ring right down to the MM!


To size a ring to a smaller size a piece is taken out of the shank (band) of the ring. The piece that is removed is usually less that 1 mm thick for a one ring size difference, the ring is then soldered together, filed, shaped, sanded and the ring is polished. In addition to removing the piece of metal (gold, silver, platinum) the gemstones on your ring are tightened.

We include ring polishing and ring finishings in our prices.


We don’t usually offer a same day ring sizing unless special arrangements have been made. At Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry quality comes before speed. Being rushed during the metal smithing process WILL affect the quality. In extreme and very special circumstances you can make special arrangements and we will set aside a full day of production for your ring sizing or jewelry repair.


The prices for ring sizing vary depending on your specific needs, metal, condition, and metal market prices affects the ring sizing prices.


No. Some rings can not be sized due to the metal. Titanium rings is one of those metals that can not be sized the metal is virtually indestructible and cannot be sized. Contemporary metal rings like cobalt, tungsten, and titanium need to be ordered by the exact size. A ring guard is the perfect solution for this type of ring if ordering a new one is not an option.


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