Watch Battery & Watch Restoration

Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry offers watch battery replacements while you wait.

Watch with acid damage

Notice the acid damage on this watch. Unfortunately this customer waited too long to replace the dead battery. Now the movement must be replaced.

We don’t just replace watch batteries, we also clean movements and service mechanical watches, replace worn watch gaskets, replace broken crystals and scratched crystals, adjust number markers and adjust the links on your wrist watches. We offer same day watch repair service and while-you wait watch battery replacement services.

If you drop your watch there is a good chance that the hour or seconds hand (marker) can fall off. If this happens bring your watch to us. The watch technician at Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry will adjust and set the hands for you.

It is important to replace a dead watch battery before the watch battery leaks. Just like a conventional battery, watch battery cells leak acid after a long period of time. If your watch has been sitting in your drawer for a while with a dead battery cell there could be a chance of damage. When the mechanism inside a watch is damaged by acid the entire watch movement (motor) might have to be replaced.

 Watch Parts

Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry carries various original and after market watch parts. We carry leather watch bands, metal bands, extra links, watch buckles, and strap holders.

Vintage Mechanical Watch Restoration

Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry and Repair handles various antique watch restoration daily. We work on all types of mechanical watches. We service watch movements so that your watch will keep proper time, this type of servicing is called an overhaul. The complete movement is removed from the watch, cleaned and oiled. Not having your mechanical watch serviced will make your watch run either too fast or too slow.

Part of our restoration process includes polishing of the watch case, policing of the watch bracelet (if it applies). We have a large selection of OEM watch bands available. Gems & Jewels Fine Jewelry can also restore water damaged dials. We can remove mold and rust from the watch dials and watch cases. Common vintage watch damage is water damage and rust. There can also be fading and mold build up in extreme cases. The watch “hands” and dial markers usually have a paint called luminous. We can re-apply that paint to make those hands & watch markers glow as if they were brand new!


Please call (562) 426-8601 if you have any questions about our watch repair services